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About Us

The term "Zahibi" means “Golden” in Arabic. In Arab culture, it is associated with the luxuriousness and exoticness of a product. Our brand, Zahibi, is named after a Queen, and we deal in products worthy of a Queen or King. We are an online shopping store based in the Qatar dealing in luxury and organic products. We have a wide range of products available for demographically diverse customers. Our brand serves high-end customers and establishes long-term relations with them.

We constantly strive to bring those products to our valued customers that are rarely found anywhere else in the market. Since luxury and organic products are difficult to get hold of, we make sure our customers greatly appreciate the quality of the products we provide. In the world of E-commerce, Zahibi is a family of products for those who have a similar taste as that of our Queen- Zahibi.

We aim to become a leading online shopping store for organic items. Our goal is to facilitate high-end customers by making excellent-quality products available to them at the BEST prices! Many businesses in the market try to rip off their clients by providing them luxury products; however, Zahibi provides better quality and that too at very competitive rates. In short, we provide our customers the value for their buck.

The categories of products we offer are as follows:

Healthcare Products

Our healthcare products are top-of-the-line in the market. We constantly improve our products and employ the latest technology without compromising on quality.

Skincare Products

Now skincare is not a nuisance for many as we provide top-notch quality skincare products for various skin types. By choosing our products you are choosing the very best in this business.

Organic Food & Beverages

We care for the quality of food & beverages people consume, so we invest in providing organic luxury food items and beverages without falling them too heavy on your pockets.

Electronics Products

High-end electronic products are the most sought-after products in the Qatar. Our luxury electronic products will bedazzle you with premier quality and exotic design.

Luxury Gifting

Our customers can celebrate special occasions with their loved ones by using our luxury gifting service. Surprise your social circle with a gift from our luxury gifting section and celebrate love and friendship through us.

Zahibi is the perfect place for you to add luxury to your life. We help you upgrade your lifestyle by providing splendid luxurious products at very affordable rates. We take pride in representing luxury for our customers in the Qatar. Our business strategy is to cultivate and maintain long-term relationships with our clients and even reward our loyal customers with coupons and discounts.

Feel free to explore the best products in our sections and order the ones you like, our user-friendly platform will provide every support to enhance your user experience. We offer one of the best customer support services and stand committed to you even after you have made the purchase.

We are motivated by our philosophy to bring a customer-driven approach to the world of online business. Many online businesses fail to deliver on their promised value and this is where we intend to create an edge for our business. It is our top-most priority to satisfy our customers and to deliver on the quality promised.

We understand the importance of extraordinary service delivery and try our best to satisfy our customers and engage with them positively to retain their loyalty. Just delivering luxury products is never enough for us and we go an extra mile to enhance the user experience for our customers and facilitate them at every step of the process. We welcome you to the luxurious world of Zahibi.

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