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1. Can I place an order online? Will Zahibi deliver my products?

Yes, even though the pandemic has disrupted the supply lines of many businesses, Zahibi continues to deliver its products as per the scheduled times. However, customers are cautioned to not use delivery addresses that have been “temporarily closed” due to Covid-19. It is the customers’ responsibility to check the building or community guidelines before placing an order with us.

Yes, Zahibi continues to deliver products to the designated locations as per the schedule. We continue to ship all the items mentioned in our inventory unless it is mentioned the product is “Out of Stock” Check for the latest updates on our website for more information.

2. Can I track my shipment after I have placed the order?

Yes, you can check your shipment once the product is sent for shipping through our designated courier services. Zahibi will provide the tracking number through which customers can track their products online without any hassle.

However, customers are advised to go through the Terms and Conditions pages of this website to know more about the shipment details of their order.

3. Is it possible for me to return an order after placing it?

Yes, in certain conditions Zahibi allows its customers to cancel their orders and get a full refund of their amount. However, customers are advised to thoroughly check the details before placing the order. The customers should also read our returns and refund policy page thoroughly to know more about it.

4. Is it safe for me to receive my order?

Zahibi takes the safety of its customers and employees very seriously. We continue to use the Safety Protocols as outlined by the Government to avoid any untoward incident. We will continue to provide our service to our valued customers as long as we believe it is safe for us to serve you.

5. What is Zahibi doing about price gouging?

Zahibi has a zero-tolerance policy for price gouging. Customers are advised to report any suspicious increase in the prices of the products they purchase and we will look into the matter as per the policy guidelines.

We believe price gouging can only be controlled through increased awareness among customers and employees. We ensure this by constantly informing our customers about price increases.

6. Can I return my order if I’m not satisfied with the quality of the product?

Yes, you can return the product, however, there are some conditions mentioned on the return and refund policy page that shall apply. Overall, we give priority to customer satisfaction, and if there is an issue with the product and the customer is not satisfied with the quality, we allow the return of that product within the stipulated time.

The customers are advised to observe due diligence when placing an order and read the policies mentioned on the pages of our website before making any claims.

7. Can I reduce contact with the delivery people when an order is delivered?

Yes. We try to facilitate our customers and are equally concerned about their safety and security. Zahibi guides its delivery associates about this policy and advises them to ensure a contactless delivery if a customer desires. In case an ID check is required to deliver an order, the delivery agent will perform that check from a distance.

Let us know if you are not satisfied with our safety protocols and would like for us to improve. We will welcome any suggestions that can help us improve our service delivery. The satisfaction of our customers is Zahibi’s top-most priority.

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