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Rewards and Loyalty Programme of Zahibi:

Zahibi rewards loyalty like none other. If you regularly choose Zahibi for shopping, let us know and we will reward your loyalty to our brand. We take this opportunity to thank you for choosing us as your preferred shopping platform. We recognize and greatly appreciate your interest in shopping with us.

Customers who complete the first ten orders:

After you complete your first 10 orders with Zahibi, on every subsequent order after these 10 orders, Zahibi will provide a FREE SPECIAL GIFT to you as a token of appreciation. You will also receive a coupon code that can be used to get discounts on various products offered at Zahibi. This is an opportunity for our valued customers to be rewarded for their choice, we will continue to provide benefits that only increase after shopping.

Customers who complete 50 orders with Zahibi:

After you complete the first 50 orders with Zahibi. You will be given Rewards and FREE COUPON CODES that you can share with your loved ones (family and friends) and get discounts on various products offered on our platform. Zahibi provides this excellent opportunity to its most loyal customers so they can enjoy shopping with those they truly care about. Zahibi understands the importance of enjoying your gifts with your families and friends and perfectly rewards this loyalty of the valued customers.

For those who complete their first 100 orders with Zahibi:

After you complete your first 100 orders, Zahibi will count you among its most loyal customers and reward you for it. You will get an offer of FREE SHOPPING in which you can choose a gift for yourself or your loved ones and Zahibi will deliver it FREE OF CHARGE to celebrate your first 100 orders with Zahibi. We hope you will continue to choose us as your preferred platform for online shopping. We will continue to provide you an enhanced quality of service in the long term.

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