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Zahibi’s Warranty Policy

Our warranty policy has you covered in case you have any problems with our products after the purchase. Our usual term for covering a product is twelve (12) months, however, each product will have details of its warranty policy. This policy is valid for purchases made in the Qatar. Moreover, if the purchase involves a third-party supplier, the warranty policy of that supplier would apply for that product.

Our luxury electronic items mostly come with a warranty of six months from the date of delivery of that product. Once the product is received, the warranty period starts and covers six months. During this time, if any defect is found, the item can be returned. We will elaborate on any changes to this policy regarding certain electronic products.

Make sure to provide the correct address for claiming the warranty of a product as only that delivery address will be used to collect the item and deliver any new products. Once this address is provided, it cannot be modified.

Repairs covered in our warranty will be carried out by the service centers authorized by us. In case the products are bought through a third party, the warranty terms of that seller will apply instead.

We will require the original invoice to ascertain the serial number and tally it with the warranty period in our records to benefit you from our warranty services.

Some of the products are not covered in the Warranty policy of Zahibi, you are requested to make sure you check the details mentioned on the product listing to find out if we cover that product in our warranty policy. The period required for the repair of a product will depend on the defect in that product and we will try to resolve the issue at the earliest. Any inconvenience and delay are deeply regretted.

Once a product is replaced under our warranty policy, the warranty period does not extend by an additional term and the date of delivery of the first item will be considered as the time when the warranty first started.

In case your product is beyond repair but is still under warranty period, we will replace it with a similar model, however, if the same is not available, we will offer a full refund of the amount of purchase.

To avail of our services covered in the warranty, you can request a claim by contacting us and we will contact you within 24 hours to resolve the issue. In some instances, we might require pictures of the product to identify the extent of the damage and guide you about our policy accordingly. We will need the serial number of the product to check our records covering the warranty policy.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the item is properly packed in the original box or safely wrapped to avoid damaging it further during the warranty claim process. Zahibi will not be held responsible for any damages caused to the product due to poor packaging by the customer during the return process.

Zahibi’s Service Policy:

It is the responsibility of the customer to make a backup for their personal information and data on a device and remove any locks/ restrictions to access the device before sending it for service.

The delay occurring due to obtaining information about the device from the customer will not be included in the Turn Around Time (TAT) of the servicing process.

We will use your contact details to connect with you for repair service.

The customer should confirm all the details about their personal information are correct.

We will not accept the warranty claims of the customer in the following conditions:

  • If the damage to the product is by the customer due to negligence and misuse, also in case the customer does not follow the instructions mentioned in the user’s manual.
  • If the customer spills liquid on the product.
  • If the customer attempted to repair the device himself/ herself or hired un-authorized repair services not covered by our Services policy

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